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Why Choose Us

Expert on Indo-Dutch business affairs

Thomas is living and working in India for the last 12 years, enjoys the heritage of Dutch entrepreneurs and has a good grasp of how business works in both the Netherlands and India.

Personalized Attention

We provide a customized approach to suit the needs of each client. We boast of flexibility that is the envy of most big companies.

Hands on approach

We provide a hands on approach and are directly accessible to the customer. Less number of layers between us and the customer, low follow-ups translate into higher business productivity.


“I am thrilled to have made Mr. Thomas van Berckel’s acquaintance and to have had the opportunity to work with him on different occasions. Since 2013 he is part of the advisory board of the ISMSB Business School.”

Prof. Dr. V. Rastogi

Prof. Dr. V. Rastogi, MD, ISMSB Business School.

“GMAB has been teaching Dutch Language and Cultural Coaching workshops at the Bangalore office for 11 months and it is worth mentioning that the results were outstanding.”

Mr. Venkatakrishnan

Mr. Venkatakrishnan,MD, Rayleco, Bangalore

GMAB About

GMAB provides (since 2006) Dutch language and culture training and language translation services. Apart from that we also give Business Development services to innovative Indian SME’s which wish to enter into European markets.

Our History

GMAB was founded in Bengaluru on 21 September 2006. First GMAB was only a translation agency (with Sogeti and Logica CMG as clients). Later, with a team of developers and project managers we gave BPO services to a Dutch and British company. Finally we started to provide coaching and cultural consultancy services and Dutch Language Training. TCS, Rayleco, Ciber and many individuals from a diversity of backgrounds became our clients. We also linked up with business developers in the Netherlands and organizations like NFIA and WFIA to help Indian companies to develop business in Europe and set up their office in the Netherlands.

What we stand for

We believe in conducting business with ethics, integrity and a social conscience. Our Guiding Principles are a) Integrity b) Transparency c) Responsibility d) Honesty e) Respect for society

Thomas Van Berckel Profile

The Bengaluru based  Dutch national and PIO card holder Thomas van Berckel can be best described as a generalist, a (social) entrepreneur with passion for teaching, networking, advising, writing but also for his NGO Toe to Heart www.toetoheart.org . He has a law degree of the University of Maastricht with an orientation on Metajuridica. Since 2006 he was first founder, MD and co-owner of GMAB  then became in 2013 the 100% owner and CEO of GMAB Pvt. Ltd. and GMAB BV, before he reformed the company in 2015 into the present training and consultancy hub based at ‘The Dutch Roof’ in Bengaluru. Thomas van Berckel is also since 2013 a member of the advisory board of ISMSB Business school in Bengaluru.

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