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Why Choose Us

Expert on Indo-Dutch business affairs

Thomas is living and working in India for the last 12 years, enjoys the heritage of Dutch entrepreneurs and has a good grasp of how business works in both the Netherlands and India.

Personalized Attention

We provide a customized approach to suit the needs of each client. We boast of flexibility that is the envy of most big companies.

Hands on approach

We provide a hands on approach and are directly accessible to the customer. Less number of layers between us and the customer, low follow-ups translate into higher business productivity.


“GMAB has been teaching Dutch Language and Cultural Coaching workshops at the Bangalore office for 11 months and it is worth mentioning that the results were outstanding.”

Mr. Venkatakrishnan

Mr. Venkatakrishnan, MD, Rayleco, Bangalore.

“I definitely recommend the Dutch roof, because who else can teach “Nederlands” like a Dutch can?! Only thing I regret is not joining sooner, for I could have completed my B1 level too!!!”

Sandhya Venkatesh

Sandhya Venkatesh, student TU Delft

GMAB Services

Dutch Language and Cultural Coaching

  • We are the address for Dutch Language and Culture Training in Bengaluru. We provide beginners courses but teach also at A1, A2, B1, B2 levels. and are closely connected to CNAVT’ (www.cnavt.org) and the ‘Taalunie’ (www.taalunie.org.)
  • Through GMAB you can do ‘CNAVT Dutch language exams’ in Bengaluru and acquire worldwide recognized CNAVT certificates. We customize ‘Dutch Language and Culture Training programs’ based on individual & organization needs!
  • We have attended a cultural training conference of http://itim.org/ in Tokyo, Japan and work together with ITIM consultants and www.crossoverbridgingcultures.com to provide cultural courses on a high level.
  • Last but not least we are also the language partner of Neso https://www.nesoindia.org/ for students who go for higher studies to the Netherlands or Belgium and want to learn the language and culture before they make the journey.

Language translations

  • We are with the help of several partners ideal service providers for those companies and organizations that are looking for meticulous, high quality translations but also for low cost translations (for only internal use).
  • We have the right providers in our European–Asian-Indian network to satisfy either type of requirement and can help you establish a long term relation with them.
  • GMAB has been providing language translations for more than 10 years and knows the international markets and service providers covering a large array of language combinations and subject fields.

Business Development in Europe

  • We have a special interest in helping (Bengaluru based) innovative companies.

Advisory Board ISMSB

  • Since 2013 Thomas van Berckel is a proud member of the Advisory Board of the ISMSB Business School. http://www.ismsbschool.com/