Thomas Van Berckel

Thomas van Berckel, founder of Dutch Roof Consultancy, is your ideal authentic, emphatic and energetic ‘spider in the web’ who can help you with advice and (long term) active involvement to bridge culture and language gaps. He still loves to manage, teach, train and coach but ‘as a spider in the web’ he will connect you also with other professionals. While his experience has been long time with the Netherlands and India, it is currently not limited to these area’s. Before his stay of 20 years in India he also worked in countries like Burkina Faso, Brazil, Rumania and also long time in Belgium.

Thomas, a Dutchman, is having a law degree (specialized in Metajuridica) from the University of Maastricht and is also certified by ‘Hofstede insights’ in Intercultural and Organizational culture management. He is married with Lalitha and together they have a grown-up daughter. From 1994 till 2004 he worked more for the non-profit sector. You can see that profile and read about his current engagement with Toe to Heart here. In general, he has been more an ‘artist of life’ with a broad interest and thinking power. Currently he is, while still residing there most of the time, less bound to India. Contact to arrange a -free of costs-first session to see together if there is a ‘click’ to co-operate. Languages: Dutch, English, French, German.

Some of his business-related experiences and achievements:

  • In Bangalore he has been leading from 2006-2014, under the name GMAB Services Pvt. Ltd. an off shore centre for GlobalizeMe. This has led to GlobalizeMe India in which Thomas has no involvement anymore. In this period, he started also with setting up Dutch Language Classes.
  • In 2014, after his involvement with GlobalizeMe Thomas has trained Indian nurses in Dutch Language. They went to work in Flanders/Belgium. Many of them are still there.
  • In 2015 he was involved in setting up a team of ‘Dutch Language Specialists’ for AXA. This team is still handling ‘Dutch’ Insurance claims for the Belgian office
  • His engagement with IT started when a large Dutch IT company asked him in 2016 to bridge the culture gap between the off shore team in India and the head office in the Netherlands. Apart from teaching Dutch also broader interest and understanding between the teams has been created. Afterwards Thomas became certified in Intercultural Management (ICM) and OCM (Organizational Cultural Management) and 3 years partner of Hofstede Insights.
  • From 2017 onwards Thomas has been training for Cap Gemini, Sogeti and TCS Indian IT consultants in intensive 3-4 months long projects in Dutch Language and Culture to work in the public sector in the Netherlands. He was also involved in the selection of the candidates. Still dozens of them are working in the Netherlands for organizations like UWV, Openbaar Ministerie, Kamer van Koophandel. Prorail.
  • Culture-training has been provided to smaller IT companies like CoMakeIT, Keylane and Visionplanner
  • Currently he has a long-term involvement with 4 Solar/the Netherlands to find together the ‘best culture to perform’ with a culturally diverse team by finding common grounds! Thomas Just provides a bit of help, the rest the team will do on their own. Thomas with Willie van Aalst and his team from 4Solar.
  • Finally, Thomas is also examiner for the CNAVT, member for the advisory board of ISMSB Business School, Member of INBCB (India Netherlands Business Circle Bangalore) and of Member of ‘Friends of Hofstede’. Don’t hesitate Contact. to arrange a -free of costs-first session to see together if there is a ‘click’ to co-operate. Languages: Dutch, English, French, German.