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Dutch Roof Consultancy (previous GMAB Services) is about

Dutch Roof Consultancy LLP started in 2019 and is based at the charming Dutch Roof in Kammanahalli. Bangalore. Our history: From 2000-2004 we were active in the Netherlands with ‘Civil Society Development and provided fundraising and writing services. In India we have operated first under the names ‘Eurolink Bangalore (2004-2006) and GMAB Services (2006-2019). In these entities we provided first language translation services (with Sogeti and Logica CMG as major clients) and also BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services to a Dutch and British company. In 2013 we stopped with giving translation and BPO services. Since 2013 we have given Dutch Language training to dozens of companies and hundreds of individuals. In 2017 we became an associate partner of Hofstede Insights (www.hofstede-insights.com) and give Cultural Coaching, Consultancy and Training in ICM- intercultural management and OCM Organizational Cultural Management using the Hofstede models. In 2020, after we changed the corporate identity, we have added Culture Fit recruitment services.

At the moment
At the moment we provide high-level services in Cultural Coaching, Dutch Language Teaching and Culture Fit Recruitment. Through Dutch Roof Consultancy we want to focus more on our strengths and our passions.

We are partnering since 2014 with CNAVT (www.cnavt.org)  to conduct Dutch certification exams in India. In 2017 the association with Hofstede Insights (www.hofstede-insights.com)  started to promote awareness of professional, science based cultural training. Since 2020 we are cooperating with Clicqnet (https://clicqnet.com/)  for Culture Fit recruitment services and with The Dutch Door (https://thedutchdoor.in/) for A1/ A2 level training.

Logica CMG, TCS, Rayleco, Ciber, Axa, Cap Gemini, Sogeti and other companies have been or are still our client. Also, we have been training hundreds of individuals.

Our speciality is to select, train and prepare small groups of IT consultants in a very intensive way. After training they immediately can start working in a Dutch (language) environment in the Netherlands. In these long term – around three months- assignments we will also work on personal guidance and personality building of the selected candidate. What makes us stand out is our long and broad experience. We got to know very well the Indian and Dutch realities and have become very successful, reliable and stable in our approach.

Not for profit
This stability gives us also opportunity to focus on some ‘not for profit ideals. You can read more on that on this website.

Business ethics
Doing business abroad or working abroad is tough. Don’t start unprepared. We will be happy to make our long experience to your use. We believe in conducting business with ethics, integrity and a social conscience. Our Guiding Principles are a) Integrity b) Transparency c) Responsibility d) Honesty e) Respect for society

Thomas Van Berckel, founder and managing director.