Dutch Language, Culture fit and Culture (OCM and ICM) Services

Culture fit selection and speed and full-time training in Dutch Language and culture for the corporate sector: We are specialized in projects where we can give full time Dutch Language training in a short period to a group of carefully selected candidates. We can help companies with selecting those candidates. See also our ‘selection services’ below. Companies should give candidates the opportunity to study full time Dutch Language (and culture) during a period of around 3 months and reach A2+/ B1 level. After final assessment they can work immediately in a Dutch Language environment in the Netherlands and grow towards B2 level. It has been a proven concept over the last 3 years. See also our ‘Cultural Training services’ below.

Dutch Language Services

A1 and A2/ A2+ level trainings
We don’t organize these training ourselves anymore but try to co-operate here with India based partners. You can contact us so we can forward your request or contact directly our partner The Dutch Door https://thedutchdoor.in/ . The Dutch Door helps to organize trainings all over India.

B1 and higher level/train the trainer course:
We train individuals who already have a grammatical foundation of at least A2 +-please see above- to reach B1 level. We want to promote that there will be more qualified Indian trainers who can teach Dutch basic and are working towards a new kind of certification concept so people who are interested to learn Dutch know where to go.

CNAVT examiner
Through our company you can do, twice a year, a certification CNAVT exam (www.cnavt.org) in A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels. Exams in early May or end November. Subscription in February and September.

Dutch Language Concepts booklet
Dutch is one of the easiest languages to learn when you know good English because Dutch Language has clear concepts. We are working on a booklet that will help you to understand better the basic concepts of Dutch Language so you will be able to learn quick. Planning is to have this published in 2021

Culture Fit and Culture (ICM and OCM) Services


  1. We work together with partners as https://clicqnet.com which will help you to enable better recruitment match or easier, faster and more cost-effectively by securing the best possible Culture Fit. Contact us for more information

  2. We are an associate partner of Hofstede Insights https://www.hofstede-insights.com and use the 6-dimensions method developed by Geert Hofstede to compare cultures with each other and point out the expected challenges. These trainings can easily be integrated in a Dutch Language Course as mentioned above.

  3. We can organize half a day ‘cultural comparison sessions’ for groups going to the Netherlands or just arriving in India.

  4. As part of the training or apart from that we can provide culture compasses https://hi.hofstede-insights.com/the-culture-compass at reduced rates which will help the candidate to find their way in another culture.

  5. We are OCM (organizational culture management) Certified by Hofstede Insights. We like to assist companies in organizing their multicultural teams. We use tools like team scans and pre- selection tools to find the (Indian) candidates who are‘cultural’ fit to join your company and (multicultural) teams abroad.

    Contact us for more information about all these culture related services. See also our blog http://gmab.co.in/blogbusiness.php

Not for Profit

After having established a good life for ourselves we want to embrace and stimulate three major inspiring public goals:

Promotion of Dutch Language and Dutch Culture/ Dutch institute in India

The Dutch government has it as a policy to leave Dutch Language and Dutch Culture training to the market. We want to convince the Dutch government and other stakeholders to be more involved in Dutch language and culture training in India. Each year 2500 Indians are going to study in the Netherlands and the number of Indians going to work in the Netherlands has dramatically increased. The Dutch know how to speak English but it’s not their official language so emigrants to the Netherlands will be happier and more involved when they know, at least, some Dutch and understand Dutch culture. And because Dutch is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speaking people it also would make totally sense to do so.

The past and current relationship of the Netherlands with India would also justify a ‘Dutch/ Netherlands Institute in India’, apart from the consulates and embassy. We try to find ways to have such an institute established.

See also our blog http://gmab.co.in/blogdutchlanguage.php
Promotion of the idea of India and Indian/ Gandhian culture

As an immigrant to an immense country as India it took quite some time to understand the idea of India and Indian culture. It was, and it still is, a pleasure to discover the great Indian history and also the wisdom of the founders of secular India.

India has a great message to give to the world as a country with values as collectivism and a restraint life style in a world of increasing individualism and indulgence.

We appreciate Gandhian values like non-violence, peace and tolerance between the religions and living a simple life.

See also our blog http://gmab.co.in/blogindianculture.php

Promotion of Toe to Heart
Toe to Heart has been an initiative since the start of our arrival in India. It has been, till now, a tiny but in spirit big project about giving ‘material (the Toe) and immaterial (the Heart) aid to people in need. The project that exists since 2004 in Bangalore has been focusing on helping ‘children of mostly one parent children to get their school costs paid and get after school care and attention. In this way dozens of children have been helped and finished studies up to 12th standard.

See www.toetoheart.org; http://gmab.co.in/toetoheart.php http://gmab.co.in/blogtoetoheart.php