Business Updates

1st blogpost 18/03/2020 :

Clicqnet partnership: We are finalizing our cooperation with Clicqnet.  With this new alliance we can help you selecting the most suitable candidates to send abroad and undergo the trainings offered by us. At the moment this has put on hold because of the Corona Crisis, we will finalize this at a later stage. 

06/05/2020 After the Corona Crisis:  In April 2010 we published a book. 'The Story of My Experiments with Life and how my Life has to Change after the Corona Crisis, written by Thomas Nicholas (van Berckel). The projects for this year have been canceled by clients and we have started doing things different, by using a more virtual approach. We will organize more online training and consultancy services and will cooperate, for basic Dutch Language Training, more with our partner 'Dutch Door' in Pune.