Indian/ Gandhian Values

2nd blogpost 18/03/2020 :

Delhi Riots One of the reasons to come to India was that India is one of the most exciting emerging countries with an unbelievable long and rich history before India became India.The achievement for such a young country with such an immense population to be democratic, secular and relatively peaceful, should not be taken for granted. Also Gandhian values of non-violence, non-cooperation and a restraint life style are very inspiring and a need for the world. The recent riots in New Delhi are very regrettable. That’s not the way Gandhi would have coped with this emotional issue. Indians of all religions live already for hundreds of years peaceful together and celebrate each other’s festivals. It was great to read that Hindu’s protected their Muslim neighbors when they were attached by a violent group.

06/05/2020  The Corona Crisis gives the opportunity to change the -often destructive- values which are underpinning our current societies. In my book published on Amazon (check on author Thomas van Berckel), is already indicated that this is the moment to make fundamental changes and we (all) can play a role in this. Our first priority now is to grab this opportunity and play a role in that change.